Industrial Work

At BG Interiors and Decor, we offer comprehensive industrial solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs. Our services include laser cutting, bending, and spot welding of metal sheets, utilizing advanced techniques and materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel.

Industrial Interior Solutions

At BG Interiors and Decor, we specialize in providing dependable and premium-quality solutions for a wide range of industrial interior designs. Here are some of the services we offer:

  1. Emergency Exits: We prioritize the safety of your industrial facility by designing and implementing well-planned emergency exits that meet safety regulations and ensure swift evacuation in case of emergencies.

  2. Warehouse Solutions: Maximize the efficiency of your warehouse space with our practical shelving and rack solutions. Our designs are tailored to optimize storage capacity, streamline inventory management, and enhance workflow efficiency within your industrial facility.

Functional Additions for Industrial Spaces

Enhance the functionality and safety of your industrial environment with our range of practical additions:

  • Parking Blinds: Protect your vehicles from the elements with our sturdy and practical parking blinds. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, our blinds offer reliable protection while ensuring convenient access to your vehicles.

  • Cable Tray Systems: Ensure the safety and organization of your electrical systems with our reliable cable tray solutions. Our cable management systems are designed to securely contain and route cables, promoting a neat and orderly workspace while minimizing the risk of accidents.

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