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Industrial Work

We specialize in offering reliable and high-quality solutions for varied industrial demands. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Emergency Exits: Ensuring the safety of your industrial facility with well-designed emergency exits
  • Warehouse Solutions: Optimizing your warehouse space using practical shelving and racks for efficient storage and management
  • Parking blinds: providing robust and practical parking blinds to protect automobiles from the elements
  • Cable Tray: Offering reliable cable management solutions for safe and orderly electrical systems


Our team of qualified individuals is dedicated to producing top-notch industrial job solutions that fit your specific requirements and prove us to be the best interior design company in Pakistan. Contact us to discuss your industrial project needs today!

Home Interiors

We specialize in developing attractive and functional interiors for your house. Our services include:

  • Furniture: designing and constructing furniture pieces that complement your style and enhance the functionality of your home.
  • Kitchen: Creating attractive and efficient kitchen areas that are suited to your needs and preferences
  • Artificial Ceiling: Enhance the appearance of your home with intricately created artificial ceilings.
  • Glass Work: Incorporating attractive glass features into your home design, such as glass elevations, stairs, and dividers,
  • Garden: Creating natural or artificial gardens to provide life and serenity to your outdoor spaces

Our team of seasoned specialists is committed to making your vision a reality. Contact the best interior design company, BG Interiors and Decors, to discuss your home interior project and let us assist you in enhancing your living area.

Office Interiors

We understand the value of providing a productive and visually appealing environment. Our services include:

⦁ Front Elevation and Rafters: Enhancing the façade of your office building with elegant mild steel or stainless steel features.
⦁ Glass Work: Incorporating glass elements to create modern and open workplace spaces, including glass walls, staircases, and office enclosures.
⦁ False Ceiling: Installing CNC-designed false ceilings and walls can lend a touch of refinement to your workplace décor.
⦁ Elevators: Providing reliable and efficient elevator solutions adapted to your office building’s demands.
⦁ Automated Shutter: Ensuring the security of your office with high-quality automated shutter systems.

Our team of professionals will work directly with you to create the best interior design and develop an office space that matches your brand identity and fosters a productive work environment.


  • Consultation & Space Opimization
  • Concept & Material Selection
  • Furniture & Color Harmony
  • Lightening & Project Management
  • Perfect finale

We meet with you to thoroughly understand your preferences and requirements for your home design project. Based on an analysis of your area, our talented designer creates a layout that makes the most of its functionality and comfort.

To produce a magnificent overall design for your house, we build a vision that captures your preferences and individuality. We meticulously choose premium materials and finishes that blend flawlessly to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

We carefully choose and arrange furnishings, accessories, and artwork to highlight architectural features while maintaining functionality and individual taste. We create a harmonious palette by selecting colors that work well together, are aesthetically pleasing, and are long-lasting.

Our lighting design skills illuminate your space while highlighting architectural details and creating the perfect tone for every situation. Furthermore, we take responsibility for the entire design process from beginning to end, working with vendors and contractors, supervising installations, and offering continuing support.

We carry out a final walkthrough to ensure our design meets and surpasses your expectations, giving you a home that matches your vision and way of life.